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Thread: chicken meat

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    chicken meat

    a couple of days ago we organized a family lunch and we sat next to the pond, my cousin threw a piece of chicken with chicken skin in the pond and the fish have gone crazy

    I feed them with various foods, I grow worms just for them, I buy the best food from other countries, but I never saw that they are so crazy about something like this ..
    a floating fatty stain appeared on the surface, but they began sucking it lightly before it ended in a skimmer.

    When I mentioned this to a friend who is fisherman , he said that he sometimes used chicken as a bait

    what do you think of chicken meat , as an addition to the fish food did anyone try to feed fish with chicken ?

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    A lot of chicken meal instead of fishmeal (Provimi 66 and or LT96) does get used in fish food so this doesn't really come as a surprise. It's lower in it's protein content but still a good source of it.



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