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    Abbreviations used in koi keeping

    Here are some Abbreviations and meanings that are used in koi keeping.

    FMG = Formalin and Malachite Green
    CT = Chloramine T
    PP = Potassium Permanganate
    KHV = Koi Herpes Virus
    TDS = Total Dissolved Solids
    HMA = Heavy Metal Removal
    RO = Reverse Osmosis
    BGD = Bacterial Gill Disease
    PHS = Proflavin Hemisulphate
    SVC = Spring Viraemia of Carp
    PH = Power of Hydrogen
    PPM = Parts Per Million = mg/l - 1ppm = 1mg/l PPM is the same as mg/l for most purposes?
    CC = cubic centimeter or ml (milliliter) - 1cc = 1ml
    NO2 = Nitrite
    NO3 = Nitrate
    NH3 = Ammonia
    KH = Carbonate Hardness
    GH = General Hardness
    PO4 = Phosphate
    O2 = Oxygen
    CL = Chlorine
    CU = Copper
    ORP = Oxidation Reduction Potential
    C = Calcium
    FE = Iron
    H2O = Water
    UV = Ultra Violet
    BD = Bottom Drain
    DPD4 = tablets for testing Chlorine content
    HP = Hydrogen Peroxide ( to neutralise a PP reaction, usually 6%)
    CO2 = Carbon Dioxide
    O3 = Ozone
    ST = Sodium Thiosulphate (dechlorinator)
    ASHP =Air Source Heat Pump
    GSHP =Ground Source Heat Pump (as above but install cost very high)
    C/H = Central Heating
    M/V = Motorised Zone Valves
    D/S = Digital Thermostat
    C/U = Consumer Unit ( fitted with overload breakers)
    RCBO = Residual circuit Breaker with Overload ( with earth Trip Device )
    RCD = Residual Circuit Breaker (earth trip device only)
    S/Th = Solar thermal ( Heat Collector Panels )
    S/PV = Solar PhotoVoltaic ( Electric collector panels)

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    Nice advice Mark, as i think we're all guilty at times of abbreviation when maybe others aren't sure what we mean.
    1630 Gallon raised pond
    4" 'Avenue' bottom drain
    Estro sieve
    Econobead EB60 bead filter
    Sequence 18000 pump, 6000 pump on skimmer line
    Elecro 2kW in-line heater
    Evolution Aqua 70 air pump
    Standard wall skimmer
    Hozelock Vorton 55watt UV
    and some nice koi

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    That's excellent cheers Mark I have been seeing some of these being used in some posts but I didnt know what they meant now I do

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    Many thanks Mark, nice to be able to check against a list. andy

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    any if one else knows of any more then message me or a mod and they can add it to the list.

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    Abbreviations - Thanks Mark

    From a novice (Fry), Many thanks - your list posted earlier will help immensely.


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    Thanks for info Mark. It will be a great help in following threads, even thoughit is rather like a Phisics lesson. Mike (Dogsbody)

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    Yeah, good idea! well helpful, dont know if it's worth adding measurement/ volume abb's for pond construction and alike. May be a conversion table too? Guess many people have them on their phone these days??or it's already in a different post

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    Thanks for that Mark, do you think it would be worth mentioning that PPM is the same as mg/l for most purposes?

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    Thanks Mark, Your list will be very useful to everybody. x

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnKitching View Post
    Thanks for that Mark, do you think it would be worth mentioning that PPM is the same as mg/l for most purposes?
    Thank you have done john.

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    1 more for the list i think, whats COP when you guys are talking about heat pumps

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    COP or Coefficient Of Performance = a value of what you get out, over what input is consumed

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    Abbreviations used in koi keeping

    Hi. Mark good advice.just to add a good book to get Duncan Griffiths Advanced koi Diagnosis & treatments.

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    That's helpful to know i didn't know most of those abbreviations.

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    Think you missed one?

    Koi - Empty wallets

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    A couple that had me stumped for quite a while:

    TPR = tangential pond return (i.e. enters the pond at an angle to the wall)
    PPR = perpendicular pond return (enters the pond at 90 degrees to the wall)

    I've also seen GPR = still don't know what that means?

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    CBA is another often used = Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

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    BD = Bottom Drain
    ORP = I Don't Know but you can get a meter to measure it !
    MWR = Mid Water Return
    EA = Evolution Aqua
    KK = Kockney Koi (Brand)
    CL = Cloverleaf (Brand)

    Not abbreviations but still a mystery to newcomers...

    Gary = The bloke from Gatwick Koi
    Ken = The bloke from Coldwater Collection
    Manky Sanky / Syd = A wealth of infornation and expertise. When he speaks...listen.
    Duncan Griffiths = As above but more elusive
    Paula (Reynolds)= Lincolnshire Fish Health. An expert in every sense.
    Waddy = A marketing genius.
    Unsung Heroes = Davej, Spalders, Tommy2ponds, Big Mel (and everyone else that gives their time, patience and wisdom on forum)

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    hi mark ,,,,,,,,,,nps ..new pond syndrome

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