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    Extending our pond

    Hi, haven't posted here for ages but thought I'd see what peoples opinions are on making our pond bigger.

    This is what we currently have:

    Its not the biggest though the photo probably makes it look even smaller with the plants. Its currently just filtered with a biotec10 and has a waterfall down into the pond. Diameter is around 4m and depth of around 1m, there are shelves on some of the edges though so I'd estimate water volume of 5000-7000 litres. The grass carp has grown huge (maybe 90cm) so could do with a bit more space and also like the idea of being able to buy more fish!

    We want to extend maybe another 1.5m down the garden but also to make the pond deeper as 1m I guess isn't ideal. Do you think we could join the liner or would we be better off starting again which would allow us to dig the existing area deeper aswell. Also would reconsider the filtration, we have had no real issues with what we currently have but with more volume I guess we'd need something extra/bigger. Interested to hear what you guys think would be the best plan of action.

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    I love a natural pond, looks great thats the plan for me when I move. You would certainly be better off starting again with a new single liner. Keep us posted.
    Built not bought!

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