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Thread: False readings?

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    False readings?

    Have recently moved all my koi to a new temp pond (intex pool) roughly 3500 litres along with my matured filters.

    Have added tetra aquasafe to the water beforehand aswell as well as using my inline dechlorinater to fill the new pond.

    Problem the ammonia reading on my API test kit is showing almost black as if itís 100ppm... I didnít feed the koi 5 days prior to moving and still havenít feed them, theyíve been in the new pond for 5 days. Typically they did spawn on the second day of being in the new pond.

    Is it possible the aquasafe could be giving a false reading? Have also added a pure bomb and filter start.


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    If they spawned in the new pool and you don't have adaquate filltration they will most likely be eating the eggs which are high in protien causing the levels to rise.

    If the filters are up to the job they should sort the problem out by themselves. But after 5 days of high levels I might be a little concerned.

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    I performed roughly 50% water change and the ammonia was still off the scale according to my api kit.

    I have since dropped some of my ammo lock to least keep it non toxic as Iím not sure more water changing will be a good idea / temp and ph changing?

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    Would it be worth leaving fresh water trickle in over the course of a day or two while adding a conditioner?

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    What reading does your API kit give for fresh tap water?

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    Tap water is measuring just under 0.25ppm.
    Pond ammonia test still dark purple/black.

    Fish seem fine, no sulking, clamped fins, red streaks or gasping however I did put ammo lock in on Saturday as a safety measure.

    3500litres with a 4 bay filter (2 mechanical and 2 bio with air.

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    How many fish and what size are they?
    6000g in ground koi pond
    +3000g lily/Anoxic pond attached
    29 koi (40 to 65cm)
    Bottom drain, Mid water & Skimmer to Drum
    JBR boichamber->Blue eco 500 pump ->below surface return.
    Blue Eco 240 -> Large MB -> Waterfall -> Planted Anoxic pond (25 baskets)



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