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    Top 6 koi food 2019


    How many would agree with this list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikokuryu John View Post

    How many would agree with this list?
    No words, only possibly one food that should even be in that list haha

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    All great food except No.5

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    As with all such review sites, and I'm guessing you and most of us here already know this, the list from no.1 to no.8 will be formed around the level of commission the writer gets for each link click and sale to the website selling the food, in this case Amazon.

    The author will know nothing about the subject they are writing about - just copying and pasting snippets from around the web.

    This industry is worth millions, and right at the very top of it are mattress reviews - the most difficult product ever to find a genuine review. People are paid 1000's to create top ten mattress reviews, of course recommending the company that's paying them.

    If you're bored and have 10 minutes to spare, have a read of this, one of hundreds of similar stories showing how brand new, never heard of before mattress companies have turned into billion dollar companies simply through fake online reviews, and they pay bloggers big money for it:


    Probably not the right place to mention company names on here.... but just think of some of the big name mattress companies that have appeared out of the blue over the last few years, you'd never heard of them and suddenly there's 1000's of online reviews about them giving the best night's sleep the author has ever had.

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