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    Crow coming for breakfast lunch and dinner


    Had this cheeky bar steward turning up for a couple of weeks and thought nothing of it as pond is netted and i thought safe.. o how wrong was I
    4 fish later before i realised anyone else had the same problem? The crow is now gone

    hope the video thing works not sure ive done it right

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    The little f..ker . I've just noticed 2 magpies in my garden I'll be watching them now

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    You killed the crow?

    That's ****ing weak.

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    Had no idea Crows eat Koi.

    Horrible watching it get eaten.

    Your garden looks immaculate.

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    i know its the dailymail so probably a half truth but pretty shocking stuff

    AJM we've got magpies aswell i dont think there big enough to bother the fish in all honesty they just harass all the other birds in the garden

    RS cheers about the garden the tops done where you can see just need to finish it. starting the new pond build on the patio in the next few weeks hopefully happy days
    i had no idea crows eat koi either wasnt pleasant to watch was it

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    Such a shame to see. Luckily we only have jackdaws at home which are way smaller and they always chase away any kites hunting in the area.

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    I’ve caught magpies taking the pellets of the pond surface...standing on the edge and nicking them...not around anymore..

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    I had a magpie swoop down off my fence and stab a mouse then make off with it. Was quite impressive!!
    Plagued with magpies and big fat pigeons round here. And Iíve notice a lot more crows recently also.

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