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    These look nice I think, I wouldn't mind one or two they would brighten the pond up


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    Yes,I like them,who is that selling them?

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    Very bright and cheerful, just what I need on a damp and windy day
    4600 Gallon Concrete Block and Fiberglass
    2.1 Meter x 0.71 Infinity Window
    2 x Aerated Bottom Drains and Skimmer
    Filtreau HiFlow 30 Drum Filter
    Bio Chamber - 140 litres K1
    Bakki Shower - 30 KG Sakura Far Infrared Media
    2 x 18,000 lh pumps


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuffyrat View Post

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    Not sure to be honest but they are on my shopping list lol as soon as I find some I will post

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    I read that these have been in development for 15 years and there are various posts on other forums referring to them (but no photos) going back to 2014.

    Personally I'm not sure about them, maybe because they are so young and still have pink skin, but I think a little more development is required. Maybe its because the colours almost look like a Marine species and looks odd on a Koi.

    Whilst this new Kirin variety can be considered boring in comparison, they look more accomplished and predictable as a variety to me and I've bought one (No.2 on left). That said, to me they just look like a new creation of Ki Kujaku and I wonder whether they should be used as breeding stock to improve existing Ki Kujaku strains, or whether they are different enough to be a variety in their own right:

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