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    Pond Vac, Diving & Spindrifer repairs

    Hi All,
    The Boss wants a pond vac to keep the veggie filter clean, we had one years ago when we lived in Cornwall and recollection was that it was pretty useless, can any one recommend one that actual works ?

    I was also thinking about getting my diving kit out (when it warms up) so I could do a clean/survey, and also fix one the air domes on my spin drifter bottom drain, one is just belching out huge bubble from just one side, the shaft was sealed in with Automarine, I'm sure I will be able to get it out, but not sure how I will be able to bond it back without draining down - any thoughts ?



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    I have a pondvac 4 and it is a good bit of kit and wouldn’t be without it.
    Not to sure about repairing the bottom drain but I believe you can just buy a new dome.

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    I have an old style pond vac that doesn't allow contentious use, obviously you need something that you can use continuously, its such a pain having to empty it every couple of minutes, so contentious use is a must whatever you get

    I'm not sure how the spin drifter bottom drains work as I have a JBR Plastics version, on that I can unscrew the top dome as its threaded, surely the spin drifter must have a threaded section to screw the dome on?
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    ebay number.....223371630245 Pondovac 3, that's the type you want, as Craig said '' good bit of kit '' .

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