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    Polycarbonate on Pergola Question

    I'm currently building a pergola type structure over my 5m x 3m pond. I intend to cover the roof with 25mm polycarbonate sometime in the future, which I see several keepers have done.

    My question is, can the roof be flat or should I design it so it has a gradient for water run off?

    What have you guys done?

    Many Thanks Rich

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    just a very slight slope front to back is all thats needed ...or front to side if that works better in your situation.

    You could have it back to front if you installed a gutter along the front.

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    I've read a pitch of 5degs. That would mean a 3m distance dropping of 26cm from front to back. Looks excessive!

    Even a 2deg pitch requires a drop of 10cm. If I've done the sums correctly.

    Would 5cm drop be enough over 3m or could I go even less?

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    put a 2" slope front to back but i also recommend you make sure none of the ends are open,use the proper bars inbetween to join and the end caps to seal,i bodged mine on last pond as it was just 5x4ft pieces and i just screwed through it,water leaked in and went green,looked horrible,thats why i went solid roof over mine,andi

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    You are right, that polycarbonate section is used for pond roofs, but maybe 25mm is not really needed for a roof, as the pergola will usually have plenty of supporting framework to support 12mm polycarbonate and will save you a fortune.

    25mm polycarbonate is really only needed for when covering a pond and the best form of heat retention is required.

    If the roof is for shading the fish only, I think that the polycarb comes in a green shade, which would give more protection and look nicer.

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    On a 'flat roof' you only have a piece of timer cut down from around 40mm down to nothing.

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    I have 10mm on mine 25 is tad drastic

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    Hi Rich
    I have about 3cm over about 2.5mtrs, I have one small area over the 5.5mtr area that just holds a little water so your 5cm should work out about right.
    This also isn't helped because of the slight lip of the end cap.

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    Thanks for all the reply's guys.

    I'm using 25mm as I manged to 4 lengths of 1m x 4M for free from a local guy. Just need get hold of another length and I'm sorted.

    Also intend to enclose the sides to retain the heat in the winter.



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