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Thread: First winter!

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    First winter!

    Hi, itís my first winter with a pond and Iíve done lots of reading up but just looking for a bit more advice. Iím in Somerset south west if thatís any help ie weather.
    I have in my pond- 4 orfe, 1 albino grass carp, 2 mirror carp, 6 koi and 5 goldfish.
    So Iíve got a few questions, my fish have not been eating their food for a couple weeks now apart from occasionally they will come up for a little bit. All the smallest fish including all the goldfish stay at the bottom and just chill, the 3 bigger koi(9 inches being the biggest) are a little active. Should I be feeding wheat germ or should I completely stop feeding? If so when do introduce wheatgerm/stop feeding completely.
    Secondly- I presume with koi that I leave the filter running all winter?
    Anything else I should be doing for winter? Iím worried about when it starts to get really cold but for now everyone seems to be doing well.

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    How big is the pond, and is it raised or in ground?
    Your fish will want a lot less food at colder temperatures. If it gets down below 8C I would feed them nothing at all. Whether to swap over to wheatgerm or not is a personal choice issue. Some of us do and some of us don't. I feel it's more important to get the quantity right- which means very little food over the colder months.

    The best thing you could do for your fish is to insulate your pond and filters from cold winds really, keeping your filters running as you have done.

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