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    That's interesting Syd.

    The bucket had 2x 50% water changes per day using pond water and I specifically tried to collect water containing fines/debris so as not to starve the bacteria whilst I was at work and the pure ammonia had been fully consumed.

    Therefore these fines would have been sucked through the Eheim filter and collected by the static K1.

    However the brown colour of the K1 from the Eheim doesn't look like it could be wiped off like dirt, it appears to be "stained".

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    Hmm, in that case, I can't think of any reason why the bugs in the bucket shouldn't be the same colour as those in your pond biofilter when they've obviously reached such an advanced state of maturity that they can process 30 ml of household ammonia (and the resulting nitrite) per day and they have access to the same fines.

    Incidentally, I may not have made myself clear about what bugs do to hide. Nitrifying bugs form biofilms, as in the picture below, and the debris that they use to hide behind is incorporated into the biofilm. I didn't include this in the diagram so as to keep the basic structure as uncomplicated as possible but these biofilms are very tough so you couldn't wipe them away or the brown discolouration in them.

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    Your point about how tough biofilms are reminded me of this article from Duncan Griffiths:

    Lights ? Camera ?Action

    Sadly, 36 hours after adding this well matured media to the Nexus there are no improvements in pond parameters.

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    strange that the nitritite is converting the bucket and not in the pond.
    I also still have nitrite issues in my moving bed filter. I was thinking to add a sponge filter in the moving bed filter. Because in aquariums the sponge filter is fast converting


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