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    proficlear drum too good ????

    Treated pond a couple of days ago with cloverleaf blanket control for string algae growing off the bottom of the pond. Water went milky white but cleared within two and a half days. Phoned the tech guys at clover field and they say that the profiler is so good it has a tendency to take the treatment out of the water. They also said it can take up to 2 weeks for the weed to clear as the treatment basically starves it to death. Checked ammonia and nitrite and both at zero,. Do I wait and see if the treatment works or do I re treat. I don't see how I can turn the filter off as there would be no O2 going into pond. Any suggestions ?

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    Wait, donít re-treat just yet, give the blanket answer time to work as chances are itíll have done its job!

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    Yeah. I will see what happens in next week or so. Pond only been in 6 weeks but I guess the sun has made everything grow. Not looking forward to water bill !!

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    We had the pond totally cleaned out about 6 weeks ago & swapped our Nexus 220 for a profidrum.Within 2 weeks,the blanket weed was growing furiously.We gave it a full dose & the water cleared in about 2 days & the blanket weed has just about gone,It can take up to 6 weeks to kill the weed,you just have to give it time.


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    I use Air-Aqua Supertabs to reduce the bacterial pressure in the pond and it also clears the blanketweed. Perhaps my AEM Easy Drum isn't as good as a Profidrum because my blanketweed goes and stays gone!!





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