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    Crazy Frog - trying to mate with our Chagoi - have you seen anything similar to this?

    When checking on our koi with GoPro camera under the water last weekend, I noticed - only when playing it back - that in fact I captured also several attempts of really Crazy Frog trying to mate with our Chagoi!

    Crazy Frog really will need strong glasses as feeding Chagoi attracts him - so he tries hard to mate with our Chagoi several times:

    20180407_Crazy Frog1.jpg20180407_Crazy Frog2.jpg20180407_Crazy Frog3.jpg
    20180407_Crazy Frog4.jpg20180407_Crazy Frog5.jpg20180407_Crazy Frog6.jpg
    20180407_Crazy Frog7.jpg20180407_Crazy Frog8.jpg20180407_Crazy Frog9.jpg
    20180407_Crazy Frog10.jpg20180407_Crazy Frog11.jpg

    Enough is enough - after several unwanted attempts of the Crazy Frog, our Chagoi gracefully swims away.....and Crazy Frog drops down to the bottom - hormones and Spring can bring inteeresting events - even among cold blooded animals!

    Enjoy the Spring!


    You get what you pay for - or better - what you make yourself.

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    OMG, that's terrible

    I used to think that frogs in mixed ponds were a good thing until I had the unfortunate experience of helping my dad net out 2 of his oldest and largest goldfish that had died from suffocation after being lamped hold of by amorous frogs. We even found a cluster of 4 or 5 frogs humping the corpse of one of their own contemporaries.

    Since then I have discouraged amphibian presence in the koi pond (by having chickens who eat them!).

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    had an early arrival frog one year get into amplexus with a fish, it had penetrated the body cavity, after gently removing and looking over the fish, I left it, then was called away to Angola or the like and got back a few months later to a fish that had survived and only sign was a bit of discolouration on its flanks.

    that was a one off though, all the other years the pond would host amphibians fine and no issues with pests on the next to veg patch

    got a batch of eggs this year from the other week in a puddle, if it was not for the small eyes wanting to see them develop id allow them to thrive or fail depending on the seasons weather
    the slow pond build thread

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    Remove the frogs.
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    frogs lucky the chag didn't eat it, the way some big chags gulp at anything, little frogs need to be careful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy1671 View Post
    Remove the frogs.
    Well this would be tough fight - my Mrs. protects everything living - so we have in our garden after this winter three black kitties she was feeding outside in the garden with their mom whole winter - in addition to the two cats we have in the house for many years now - so she is even collecting the frogs who cannot make it over our fence - we have two ponds - small with gold fish - frogs perfectly OK there - but as this is not heated (right now at 8dC), they migrate into our heated in the ground koi pond - right now with 16.5 dC - I guess they want it warmer too.... tadpoles have already hatched there - eating vigorously all the algae there is..
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    You get what you pay for - or better - what you make yourself.

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    Well , a chag`s a chag , as they say ! (Il`l get my coat)

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    Lmao hippo 🤣

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    Its always a work in progress



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