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    what filter/pump should i get?

    Hello all,

    Im new to the site and new to koi! ... so far i've started building my pond. it is a pear shape - 14ft long x 9ft at its widest and 5ft at its narrowest x 4ft deep with a 2ft deep "shelf".

    Im almost ready to put my liner down. I was going to buy a pump and filter thats capable of 12,000 litres per hour. Since coming on here I've seen a lot of other types of filters and UV and allsorts. Can you give me some advise please? will a pump and filter be good enough? I can provide a link to the pump if you would like to look at it. I don't have a fortune to spend on the best filters, the one i have seen is £150.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Is it a black box type filter your considering?

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    Look on eBay for Multibay filter second hand

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    1. Put in a bottom drain
    2. think carefully about the shelf - koi and plants don't really mix - I just spent a fortune taking out my shelves and putting in a bottom drain. (My koi kept damaging themselves on plant baskets and the submerged pump).
    3. Second hand filters on ebay can be the best value. You should get a multibay for around the £150 mark but if you don't want to get your hands dirty cleaning it out every week then you may be better off spending a bit more and going for a bead filter or Nexus.
    4. Don't believe anyone that says a box or pressure filter is suitable for koi.

    Superfish Eco pumps are good on a budget.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    You can pick up a second hand vortex for a decent price and drop some jap matting in there:-)

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    There is an easy pod and pump for sale in the for sale section not sure how close you are to them but that's a good price for easy pod and pump

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    I will have an Eazy pod for sale over next couple of weeks, not sure where you live though, could arrange delivery.




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