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Thread: Fiberglass

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    Micro seal t20 is what you want for bonding fibreglass to pvc
    Hope this helps anyone

    Any questions just ask, I will try to help anyway I can

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    Hi all, great instructions not sure Iím brave enough to attempt. Anyone know of anyone Shropshire way that could help with a crack thatís appeared in my fibreglass. Itís too low to go through the filters now 🤨

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    Ive recently finished glassing mine its my second ,,, i have some materials i need to get rid off

    25 kilo resin
    large box of pu foam insulation
    and a large roll off tissue..45 mtrs used in last stage of glassing for better finish
    100 pound im in worcester ..can meet near

    thanks Sean

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    Anyone got any tips for finding leaks in fibreglass? I have a raised blocked pond, internally fibre glassed, which has a small leak. I can see the water soaking though the block to the outside, so i know roughly the area. There were some small pin holes in the gel, so i keyed it up and re top coated a large area around the area of the leak. Filled it up yesterday and still no change, looks fine internally


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    you've done the right thing , but finding pinholes on the sides are difficult..... if they were on the bottom you will find tiny damp spots where the water pushes through ,on sides the water drains away so does not show as clearly.I would extend the area a fair bit and do the same again ...phil

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    Thanks Phil. I've dug down today and it looks as though it's coming out between the slab and the blocks, still can't figure out where from though. It's not good for morale!

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    A tip in tracing pinholes on walls or floors.

    Drain the pond and take a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to the suspect area. This should draw any water the pinholes let through out fron behind the fibreglass. Hold the end of the vacuum hose at an angle and study it closely to see if you can draw water out.

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    Thanks for a very useful thread !

    I`m thinking of upgrading my plant filter and replacing the box welded liner and wood construction , with brick and fibreglass .

    As its only a few metres , I`ll probably have a go myself . I got my pond done professionally , and consider it money well spent .

    2500 Gallon Fibreglass Pond
    Eazypod , Bio-Max 4 Bead , 18 Basket Anoxic

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    Thanks Matt, found the leak which turned out to be the plastic welds on the BD, very frustrating. The plastic welds on my skimmer also look like they were done by a 5 yr old but seem to be holding

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    So how did you sort the welds out ? Did you have to replace the b/d

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    No it would have been a lot of unheaval to replace it. I gave all the welds a dollop of CT1. Used to swear by sikaflex but it's never been the same since they changed the recipe


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