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Thread: billy no mates

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    billy no mates

    Billy no mates because im the only one growing and showing, so its not a competition but it seemed like a good place for my thread because i will grow them and i will show you them ,lol.
    So it my birthday today and these are my presents....6 little Karashigoi, half doitsu, half normal, they're really nice, im really happy with them. From Queni koi they are Yamazaki, im determined to get one these little fish to jumbo size.
    My plan is that, i will give them 2 growing seasons in my indoor grow on pond on growth food at 24c, i hope after a year they will be 40-45 cm and comfortably over 60 cm at 2 years, then they will go in my pond at the start of the 3rd season, to hopefully go on to reach ginormous proportions ...just need some of them to be girls.
    Anyway wish me luck ,its a long term project, they are currently between 12 and 16cm.



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    Good look mate can't wait to see how you get on gotta be a monster there in the making

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    Happy birthday David. Those karashigoi will be fun to watch grow. You know I bought three last July at roughly 16cm. They are fearless when it comes to feeding as they have been left to get on with it. No special treatment give in our house��. I haven't had them in a bowl since I bought them but they must be high 30's at the very least.

    Mine were from Marudo via absolute koi.

    I'll try and get some pictures and a measure for a reference to compare yours as they grow. Keep the pictures coming mate.
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    Cheers Adam, yeah yours are well into the 40's now, they've done well.
    Imo all koi will reach 60 cm, my very first koi are reaching 60 cm now, and they didn't half get put through the mire, as i simply ddint know any better, they persevered with inadequate, infact completely unsuitable filters, always had ammonia and nitrite, no water changes, junk food, i must have really stumped their growth but as i say they are getting to 60 cm now, so surely a karashigoi with hopefully a few good years start to life will make a good sized fish, although ultimately it depends on genetics.
    All mine look the same in the picture but actually up close there are some subtle differences in colour, scales, eye colour, some have red eyes which is nice

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