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    come on Lazurus, the chatterkoi March comp prize is a free Chagoi from cold water collection... a good size too

    *****WIN A CHAGOI***** : Competitions Forum

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    Extreme Koi Member Rank = Supreme Champion pondwithnoname's Avatar
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    Could we not pay say £1 electronically to enter a competition, the entry fee could finance the prize?
    With over 28,000 members and over 500 active members it could work.

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    Extreme Koi Member Rank = Nanasai lazarus's Avatar
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    I have a week off work so I will be contacting a few people to sort this out


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    Junior Member Rank = Fry salukihound's Avatar
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    Any news on the competition .. It will be fun .. a quarterly one and just pride of winning .. no real need for a prize ...


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