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    case studies of some of my home bred kohaku

    happy new year.

    I've spent the christmas holiday writing up case studies of some home breds spawned in 2014, and there has been some interesting learning by laying out the pics and video, and watching the development of the red's, patterns and body.

    I'm up to case study #11, and you find them here:

    Case Studies Of Individual Koi - Adam Byer - Koi Hobbyist

    a couple of notable ones, that were the koi that achieved really well on the show circuit, especially considering they were home bred:

    Case study #9 - Adam Byer - Koi Hobbyist

    Case Study #8 - The home bred kohaku that won my first Young Champion award - Adam Byer - Koi Hobbyist

    Hope you all enjoy and happy, health and successfull 2016.


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    adam you should be proud of what you have achieved,all of the work is paying off I have seen your vat of koi and a couple I really liked..hope this year is productive for you

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    thanks enouch123, it's been a slog... and i've had some fortune to end up with some reasonable looking koi, it's so rewarding seeing them grow from tiddlers to a reasonable pond sized fish - and to receive positive comments on my home bred fish is just great. thank you.

    not sure whether this year's batch will turn out as well as last years; only time will tell... looking forward to pulling some of the better ones out to photograph and record them sometime over the next month.

    happy new year!


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    crikey, well done, they are great fish, what an achievement.


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    Well done Adam that's something to be proud of.

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    Hi Adam,
    Your home bred young champion is a credit to you,what a beautifull koi.
    I presume your intention is to eventually breed from it.I have got a lot of admiration for you mate,all the hard work you put in to breed your own champion that in itself would give you a great sense of achievement.
    I have never bred koi myself,usually i buy in small and grow on which gives me a lot of satisfaction.
    I wish you all the best for 2016,i will be watching out for your next sale on ebay.

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    I was reading some of these cases studies last week after googling for info on how colours change in different bloodlines as koi develop. Extremely interesting stuff!



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