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    Question Weird Fungus Like Growth

    Hello just wondering whether anyone can shed a light of a unusual fungus i have growing in my Koi Quarantine Pond. I have a false bottom quarantine tank with a plastic grate along the bottom to prevent fish going through outlet into the filter. The fungus only grows on the underside of the grate where there is little to no light at all? The tank has a flow rate around 1500lph and the tank is about 435 litres which only contains around 6 x 3-4" Koi for growing on. Water quality is good Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 and Nitrate around 30-40 Mg/l. The fungus might well be harmless but its very unusual and i have never seen anything like it? It looks like something out of a Alien film haha. Any suggestions on what it might be.

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    Never seen anything like that before.

    Have you tried looking at some under a microscope?

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    Have a lot of that on the clean side of the outer casing of the Draco, I’m still sleeping ok.

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    could be a slime mould
    the slow pond build thread

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    No, it is some form of egg, interesting that Greg says it is growing where there is no light, it grows on the clean side of the Draco casing, it’s black.

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